Are you looking for a specific item but don't see it, or you don't see it at a price you like?  Put together a wish list, and let other members see what it is you're looking for, and help you out with finding it!


See something you want, and got something other people want?  Swap!  That's a big part of the idea behind this site, is to be a virtual swapmeet.  


You aren't limited to trades, you can buy or sell your goods and services! Paypal and major credit cards are accepted.  Transactions are handled by Paypal and Authorize.net, and not on-site, for maximum security.

Welcome to ComicWreck!

Welcome to the ComicWreck virtual swapmeet.  Here, you can buy, sell, or trade items and services.

If there are things you want, but you don't see them listed, you can create wish lists, so other people can help you out as well.

Please exercise discretion in your transactions, and if you wish to have a third party handle the exchange, there is an escrow service provided.

For more information about ComicWreck, this site, or the comics industry in general, please check out our blog, and thanks!

George "THE ComicWreck" Macas Jr